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Jan 21, 2021

“This is a really profound crisis. It’s a crisis of an old form of production and consumption in the economy. It’s the crisis of its sources of energy, its means of transportation, and also a crisis of the social, racial and gendered hierarchies that have sort of underpinned the economy for as long as we can remember.” - Katrine Marçal
Join Katrine Marçal + Denise Hearn in this special Learning Circle edition of the SheEO.World podcast, as they discuss the current economic crisis and its specific impact on women. Katrine is an award winning author, and an international keynote speaker on the economic impact of women. Denise is an advisor, author, and speaker who works with organizations who want to support a more equitable future. In this podcast they show we can flip the narrative of traditional economics and take the opportunity to rebuild using the most foundational elements of human experience.
They also touch on:
  • The “forgotten five” elements of human experience
  • Women's work in the care industry
  • The concept of equal pay for work of equal worth
  • Organizing an economic system around the needs of the body
  • And how the structure we live under has privileged certain types of power over others

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