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Feb 2, 2021

"Norms, as those of us who work on gender norms know, are one of the most powerful intractable things because nobody even sees them. Right? They're so baked in, of course, women raise children, that's how things are. And so there's so baked into how we see the world. Sure, but that's a cultural norm, not truth. And so I can challenge it. And then what's really important, and I think is most important about this paper, is to say, How do I assess my relative ability to do that? Can I take on these cultural norms?"
—Joy Anderson
Join Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute, as she speaks with Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO in this special podcast, they discuss Joy’s latest paper Disruptive Fields—a comparison of the development of the field of gender lens investing to the development of climate finance.
They also touch on:
  • Recognizing the systems and cultural norms that affect everyday power dynamics, and how we can challenge these norms
  • Representing diversity through different types of knowledge
  • Intersectional influences and the perception of complexity
  • How resources, particularly the viability of contributed time, reinforce privilege
  • Helping people recognize what their power is to challenge systems
  • And making intentional decisions

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