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Nov 24, 2020

"A lot of people associate innovation with like disruption and this whole thing. It's not about disruption. It's literally about moving this old world to the side and creating an entirely new way. And relationships are at the forefront of that." - Melina De Guglielmo, SheEO Activator

In this episode:

Join Vicki Saunders and Melina De Guglielmo, SheEO Activator, as they discuss Melina's journey as a SheEO Activator and some of the Ventures she's supported. Melina is a 3-time SheEO Activator, a business developer, teacher, and a fashion, tech, and EV enthusiast.

They also touch on:

  • How Melina’s experience in the fashion industry has taught her to look for new ways to do business
  • Finding your place + what you can offer based on your skills
  • Joining a community that uplifts each other and the business opportunities that come from that
  • The pandemic’s role in accelerating the shift from the “old world”
  • The unique role of small and medium-sized businesses to have a sustainable impact

We invite you to join us as an Activator at SheEO.World.

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